Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our products that we offer two for one replacements on any lead with incorrect details, and one for one on anyone on the Do Not Call list (in case individuals have signed up in the recent few days). Because we value your business, we also offer one for one replacements on any lead that is already an established client of yours. In addition, if you do not close any clients or bring in new clients after working your list in its entirety, we will offer a full refund of your purchase cost.

Refund Policy

If you should encounter a problems or irregulatities with your leads, please contact us, and we will work to rectify the matter, or offer (one-time) replacements. We require evidence of descrepancies that can be vetted and verified. Please isolate questionable leads and return them to us. If you have worked your entire list and do not realize a profit, we will refund your purchase price, minus an applicable merchant fee. We do require evidence by way of a call log, and a sampling of your market campaign. Packages are exclusive to the buyer and will not be resold. Refund and replacements are void after 90 days.


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